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Financial Inclusion Healthcare Prog. By Community Health Mission

Guwahati, 24th, October, 2019: COMMUNITY HEALTH MISSION Section 8 not for profit Organization established in 2015, envisions on developing a Primary and preventive integrated healthcare distribution network. Theprogram is based on Indian cultural norms of community participation and is driven by using e-health initiative and financial inclusion framework. Its core activity is to bridge the gaps between all stakeholders within healthcare ecosystem i.e. healthcare providers and healthcare seekers to ensure delivery of anaffordable and accessible Primary and Preventive healthcare service to all the citizens of India. 

The mission starts in consonance with the massive health support from Government of India; Community Health Missionalong with its Associate Luit Hospitals Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based Healthcare Company, jointly started various health programs for North Eastern states of India.

Dr. Tarang Bhatia & Mr. Mahesh Kulkarni, Directors of Community Health Mission and Dr. Ashish Malakar, Executive Director of Luit Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. spelt the roadmap for healthcare services related activities of this joint venture wherein they intend to set up 50 Nirog Bharat Centerswith Diagnostic, OPD and Pharmacy services in the interior small towns of Assam and other neighboring states of NE. This is an attempt to cater preventive and primary healthcare needs of rural population as well as connecting them to mainstream healthcare centers under a hub and a satellite model. The first Nirog Bharat Center is successfully started in Halem under Biswanath sub-division, Assam

Community Health Mission also proposed atertiary care hospital that focuses on affordability and reach ability to all.

Dr. Tarang Bhatia stated that the newly setup Nirog Bharat Centres shall work along with the District Health Authorities and State Govt for schemes and programs, holding periodic health camps along with providing basic treatment and ambulance services. The results of the activities at centre and various camps then shall be uploaded to an integrated healthcare network that connects up to other mainstream healthcare centres wherein consultation with renowned specialist Doctors shall be made available under Nirog Bharat Program.

These Nirog Bharat centres shall also act as nodal centres for CarePay program (financial assurance) of Community Health Nidhi Limited (100% subsidiary of Community Health Mission). CarePay program,a community driven financial inclusion program shall assist public in availing financial assistance for their preventive, primary healthcare and out of pocket expense needsas well as for financial planning arisingduring long term hospitalization.

Other initiatives of Community health mission are Sakhi program which is designed with women centricity, to promote wellness, preventive health checks, promote menstrual health & hygiene by installing sanitary pad vending machines & pad incinerators for bio-safe disposal supporting Swaach Bharat Mission, Govt of India and Upchaar program which is a financing assistance program for providing low cost funds for treatment especially in case of elective surgeries and hospitalization.

Mr Mahesh Kulkarni informed that the program also has been started in the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh (in association with IDS memorial and Luit hospitals), Punjab and Gujarat and hoped that this innovative new approach shall benefit people in therural hinterlandby ensuring that no individual would go untreated due to lack of infrastructure or inability to pay for the services.

Dr. Ashish Malakar summed up by saying that in the North Eastern regionLuit Hospitals in partnership with CHM intends to bring in mainstream healthcare facilities through the usage of cutting edge medical and tele medicine technology, latest equipment’s, engaging the best of medical professionals, and innovative financial assurance program accessible to all the rural and urban citizens.